We designed and printed “The Shift Book,” which contains a collection of our projects. By implementing AR technology we utilized our logo, which changes once every 24 hours, as markers throughout the book. We believe innovative branding can be achieved by actively challenging ourselves to using new methods like this.

Publication Design Research

The Shift Book

Designing The Shift Book was about collecting and uniting projects of The Shift together in order for the values and work processes to be easily understood. Therefore, throughout the whole book, each of the projects are given similar title page and description page layouts.

For the Augmented Reality experience we utilised The Shift’s ever-changing logo itself as markers for further experiencing the projects. Each logo on the AR cards are able to be individually recognized from within The Shift App. Once a logo is recognized, a video of the project will appear, augmented onto the AR card. The separate AR experience card leaves the readers free from the trouble of keeping the book opened.

Printing Methods

Many printing methods were explored for The Shift Book. The book uses 4 different types of paper in total for the cover, concept pages, project pages, and the AR cards. For example, the AR cards have been specifically printed on matte paper, which helps their detectability from within The Shift App. On the other hand, concept pages are printed on thin glossy paper to enhance The Shift’s color and make it stand out. On the front cover, the logo is printed in UV.

The Shift Book
The Shift Book
The Shift Book
The Shift Book

The Shift book is designed with the intent to offer experiences that can not be touched upon through only screens. Readers can experience both the texture of ink and paper through the physical book, as well as the dynamic digital imagery through using AR technology. Through The Shift Book, we challenged ourselves to broaden the possibilities of storytelling for branding, as well as expanding the identity of The Shift.


Creative Director
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (The Shift)
Publication designer/ Concept developer
Jiyu Park
APP Developer
Sana Yamaguchi (aircord inc.)
Production Support
Keitaro Irisuna (aircord inc.)
Special Thanks
Maya Sause
Printing Supervisor
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