[A] Marque Exploration is graphic design research by SPIN for aircord inc. The project experimented with different A graphics from lines, 3D and motion graphics. SPIN's approach to aircord’s identity was inspired by the fusion of the analogue and digital, the organic and structured in their creative output. The result is a bespoke typeface that works on different levels of abstraction, with variations on letterforms.

[A] Marque Exploration
[A] Marque Exploration
[A] Marque Exploration
[A] Marque Exploration

Graphic Design Research

[A] Research

The new identity uses a new original typeface and letter A that works organically both online and offline, capturing aircord's essence of constantly blurring boundaries between the digital and analogue. [A] simply started as a letter a from the new type design, then its shape was constructed using different kinds of graphics such as lines, dots, and even into a 3D rendering.

Physical Experiments

Expressing aircord's core value of expanding experience. We tried to compare the data output by print, to the analogue output of the logo by pen. The contrast between the analogue output by pen and digital output is intended to see more possibilities in [A]. Developing the experience in real space by controlling the movements of sight, we have expanded the expression domains to include physical experiences.

[A] marque is then transformed its shape and size to be displayed on the reception wall of aircord’s office. The marque becomes the first impression for the visitors so they can experience the identity of aircord. At the same time, the visitors can explore [A] marque in various phases of design.

Fluid Metal

In the late 2022, the new posters were created in collaboration with SPIN under the concept of ‘Exploring new ways to feel’. For these new posters, we hoped to convey new values of aircord such as mobility, playfulness, and connection. To do so, we added another slogan ‘Exploring new ways to feel’ which will be displayed alongside ‘Beyond Experience’. To express this, the A marque morphs between 2D to 3D status in the metal-like texture. This fluid transition expresses the fluidity and flexibility of aircord.


Creative Director / Producer
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (The Shift)
Production Support / Research
Jiyu Park (The Shift)
Art Director /


Project Management / Production Support
Sana Yamaguchi(aircord)
Production Support
Motoyo Ochiai(aircord)
Production Support
Keitaro Irisuna(aircord)
Production Support
Hisaki Ito(aircord)
Production Support
Maho Ishizaka(aircord)
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