The Shift is a creative collective based in Tokyo. We provide new perspectives and solutions to our users.

We are a creative collective that connects creators and artists with various specialties in Japan and abroad, and we are engaged in projects that transcend the boundaries of technology, design, science, and creativity to "shift" things. We will continue to work on projects and research to "shift" different things around the world.


  • @JAPAN
    Creative Producer / Director

    Founder of the creative studio "aircord". Launched "The Shift" in 2020, blurring the boundaries between technology, design, science, and creativity. Has won numerous awards, including Cannes Lions, One Show, D&AD, and Japan Media Arts Festival. Has worked on a range of projects, such as opening event of Japan’s New National Stadium ”ONE RACE”, Nissan's concept car the "NISSAN IMx Demonstrator Experience", the NYC MoMA "Talk to Me", etc. Currently lives in Japan.

  • @Netherlands
    Creative Junior / Art Director

    Joined The Shift in 2020 and studied Lifestyle Transformation Design at Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands. Focuses on creating concepts of projects as well as translating the concept into a visualization through various mediums. Has participated in exhibitions in Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam and Het Nieuwe Instituut as well as designing The Shift Book for The Shift. Currently lives in Netherlands.

    3D Artist / Designer

    Joined The Shift in 2021 and is a graduate of OCAD University in Toronto. Primarily focuses in the research and 3D modeling/animation. Constantly trying to evolve visual design skills and integrate them with technical methods of problem solving and understanding. Has worked with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment as a Jr.Designer and C(group as a graphic design intern. Currently lives in Toronto.→Website

  • @JAPAN
    Interaction Designer / Researcher

    Joined the Shift in 2022. Received her Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction(HCI) at the Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University. With intense curiosity about Existentialism and digital physics, she started her journey of exploring the boundaries between what is Real and Virtual as an interaction designer and HCI researcher. Her wearable emotive device — Emolleia was accepted by the international conference TEI 2022. Currently lives in Japan.

  • @JAPAN
    Computational Designer

    Joined The Shift in 2022. IAMAS Graduate. Working in cross-disciplinary design and research using data, algorithms, and machine learning. Recent projects include video design for Ms. Lauryn Hill concerts, a project with Hiromasa Fukaji called 4D DRAWING, and Quasicrystal, an R&D project with Kyoto-based textile company HOSOO. Recipient of numerous awards including those from Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival. Currently lives in Tokyo. →Website

  • Collaborator
    Visual Artist

    Giulia Principe, born in Naples, lived in the UK to study Filmmaking, then moved to Amsterdam where she graduated Game Design at SAE Institute. Currently working as a VFX and post production lecturer at United POP Academy, as a freelance designer and VR Operator at EYE Filmmuseum. Giulia’s work explores the relationship between analog and digital graphics, from photography to interactive animation, coding and 3D printing. Co-founder of Xposed Lab Studio at NDSM Treehouse.

    Collaborated with The Shift in BorderLESS

    Giulia Principe
  • Collaborator
    Graphic Design Studio

    As a studio SPIN are obsessed by the challenges of set by design, a discipline that exists in a state of flux. At its best it is thought provoking, memorable and leaves a lasting impression. Their holistic approach to dealing with the complex requirements of clients is supported by extensive experience delivering rigorous identity systems across all platforms, digital, print and environmental.

    Collaborated with The Shift in [A] MARQUE EXPLORATION

  • Collaborator
    Food Designer

    After graduating from Waseda University Applied Chemistry Department, Ozawa studied design at Chiba University graduate school. Worked as an interior designer at Kenmochi Design Associates, engaging in spatial design of hotels and offices as well as product design of mobile phones. Became independent in 2010 as a food designer "mocomeshi." Under the concept of "To design dining situations," she has taken on various creative responsibilities from the menu development for restaurants, making styling suggestions for advertisements, to producing catering arrangements and making installation works with food as their essential component. Working as a food director of SHISEIDO THE TABLES since February 2018. Published "mocomeshi: Omotenashi no fudan gohan - Hospitable Everyday Meals" (SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA) and "Otona mo sandoicchi - Grownups eat sandwiches, too" (Graphic-sha Publishing).

    Collaborated with The Shift in Imaginary Sweets

  • Collaborator
    Multidisciplinary Designer

    Wade and Leta make music for your eyes. Their studio combines purposeful eclecticism and performative design to create satisfying and emotional visuals ranging from conventional identities to colorfully charged compositions utilizing all disciplines.

    Collaborated with The Shift in PPP CI Renewal

    Wade and Leta

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Web Designer
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Food Designer

The Shift would like to create new projects with people all over the world. You can work remotely from anywhere in the world. We are happy to discuss about your hours and salaries based on your skills and experiences. If you are interested in our works, please send a portfolio and CV from below.


Company Name
The Shift inc.
Representative Directors
Toshiyuki Hashimoto
8,000,000 Yen
zaHOUSE 5F, 1-34-17, Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0021, JAPAN MAP

※We are based in Tokyo and work remotely around the world.

Fields of Activities
Produce, Direction, Art Direction/Design, Creative Consulting/Management, Interactive Design
Business Partners
Heremes Japon, Tokyu Corporation, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD., Loftwork Inc., NHK Promotion Inc., 2121 DESIGN SIGHT, Kyoto University of the Arts, Ltd.




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