Borderless is an experimental video project in collaboration with Giulia Principe displayed on a multi-display.

We explored new visual aesthetics by imagining how can we link different cities virtually. By collaborating with Giulia based in Amsterdam, this project not only explores how we can connect two cities visually but also how we can collaborate in the time of a pandemic.


Experimental Video Research


The pandemic situation has given us restrictions on many things, but physical alienation is one of the biggest restrictions. All of a sudden traveling in any form was discouraged which suddenly made strong borders in countries. The Shift was very interested in the way of removing that barrier as much through a collaboration with an artist who lives far away, which became more challenging.

The multi-display produced by the aircord team gives an impression of window frames, adding a new layer to the scenery. It again breaks down the border between the inside and the outside of the building.

Without actually traveling both cities, we created a visualization that merges cities together. The video experiments blending sceneries of Tokyo and Amsterdam through pixel sorting create an illusion as if the viewers are warping between the two cities. Using video sources that shot window views from both cities, we experimented with various values of effect to have the best merge in the cities. The borders between the cities breakdown, as well as the edges of the buildings, by mixing and bringing the pixels together.


Creative Director/ Producer
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (The Shift)
Creative Junior/ Project Manager
Jiyu Park (The Shift)
Technical Director/ Hardware Developer
Visual Artist
Giulia Principe
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