The AR GLASSES EXPERIMENT is a project that explored the possibilities of the AR glasses and what can be done in combination with the 2D and 3D motion graphics. It explores how motion graphic could become more alive through the AR glasses, on top of the Tokyo cityscape. Unlike smartphones, glasses can provide a much more natural and immersive augmented reality experience on-site.
aircord's font is used for the motion graphics: 'BEYOND EXPERIENCE' and 'EXPLORING TODAY'. These two quotes are melted into the city's buildings. Integrated into the shape of the builtings, they look more realistic as an extension of the original view of the city. Different colours, textures and motions were tested out for both 2D and 3D typographics. 2D texts are more mobile and active so it could fit the curve of the buildings while 3D texts have slower and hovering motion.


Creative Director/ Producer
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (The Shift)
Art Director/ Designer
Jiyu Park (The Shift)
3D Artist/Designer
Mika Hirata (The Shift)
Sana Yamaguchi (aircord)
Sound Designer
Maho Ishizaka (aircord)
Font Design
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