The Remix project is a visual experiment to create visuals by using Stable Diffusion. By mixing different visual aspects shown in various layers in reality, we have created visuals that lie somewhere between reality and virtual, micro and macro.

Remix: Micro and Macro
Remix: Micro and Macro
Remix: Micro and Macro
Remix: Micro and Macro

For the project, we have started researching the different patterns created randomly in real life. As a starting point, we first looked into the patterns that were created by physically merging materials together. Random and organic patterns could be found which inspired us to look for patterns in other parts of the world.

From there we looked into other types of patterns and searched for contrasting properties from them. Liquid painting works and Google Earth image that was chosen to remix also had a lot of contrasting components. Liquid painting is very random, small in size, and handmade. Google Earth image, on the other hand, is an image on a huge scale and is an image that is already existing. With these two types of images that are similar yet different we used a technique called “textual_inversion” to fine-tune the Stable Diffusion model with a few images. By using the mixed inputs of microscopic “Liquid Painting” and macroscopic “Google Earth View”, we attempted to create visuals with unique textures.


Creative Director/ Producer
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (The Shift)
Machine Learning/ Visual Researcher
Shoya Dozono (The Shift)
Liquid Painting support
Motoyo Ochiai (aircord)
Liquid Painting support
Yifan Zhuang (The Shift)
Jiyu Park (The Shift)
Researcher/ 3D Artist
Mika Hirata (The Shift)
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