The Shift Logo Builder is a variable logo system that can be altered by the visitors. As The Shift is a place where artists and creators with various specialties from around the world gather to work together on projects and research to "shift" the viewer's perspective.
Logos have no fixed form and are therefore fluid, completely different for each viewer. Everyone has a different identity, background, and way of thinking, and just as The Shift's work changes with the viewer's perspective and the client's needs, so too does our logo express the fluidity and flexibility of our work together.
Font ChangeControlled by Shift KeyThe typeface represents the core identity of the brand; by allowing the user to change the font by pressing the "Shift" key, the fluidity and adaptability of The Shift is expressed.Gap XControlled by X-axis of Mouse positionShifting the distances between the texts in X directionGap YControlled by Y-axis of Mouse positionShifting the distances between the texts in Y directionFont SizeControlled by mouse movement or the parameterSpeedControlled by the mouse speed By syncing the movement of the mouse with the logo, we can dynamically show the fluidity of The Shift.


Creative Director/ Producer
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (The Shift)
Art Director/ Designer
Jiyu Park (The Shift)
Researcher/ Design Support
Yifan Zhuang (The Shift)
Researcher/ Design Support
Mika Hirata (The Shift)
Kai Couts (The Shift)
Shoya Dozono (The Shift)
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