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We supervised the production and creative direction for Japan Airlines’ CSR Program, “JAL STEAM SCHOOL.” JAL STEAM SCHOOL is a next-generation educational program that hinges on the leading-edge educational concept of STEAM. We design futures for children through the learning and discoveries found in the world of airplanes and the sky.

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We supervised the production and creative direction for JAL STEAM SCHOOL, a new program in the SoraIku® CSR initiative by Japan Airlines.

The objective for the implementation of the SoraIku® program was to target one million participants by 2020, and, to fulfill that objective, they wished for a new starting point. While planning, we first considered SoraIku®’s position regarding CSV strategies by analyzing areas and targets we needed to aim for and what kind of value we needed to create, and we defined how to convey JAL’s personality. As we did so, we focused on the high level of affinity between STEAM, a topic of much attention in the field of next-generation education, and the world of airplanes and the sky. STEAM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics; it is a leading-edge educational concept that combines math and science education with creativity. STEAM cultivates the mathematical and scientific abilities and creativity that will be needed by children, who will live in the coming era, and this concept is consonant to the forward-thinking vision that SoraIku® aims for. Thus, JAL STEAM SCHOOL was launched as an experiential program with STEAM as its axis that allows children to encounter the world of airplanes and the sky.

The first theme of the program is the wings of airplanes. The class is conducted structured around three elements: the lecture, in which children learn the basics of aerodynamics, the experiment, using learning materials and an application, and the flight map, which all participants collaborate to make. The airplane model materials used for the experiment can be assembled to make over 8,000 different kinds of wing, depending on how the parts are combined. When a model is placed in a hangar-shaped scanner, the application analyzes the form of the assembled wing, extrapolates its abilities, and creates a video of how the aircraft would fly. By repeating the experiment, children can understand the relationship between wings and aircraft and discover how they work together. Finally, the class draws to a close after the participants view a projected flight map that allows all the aircraft they made to fly around across the earth.

We developed the model teaching materials and application in accordance with the rules of aerodynamics and under the supervision of a JAL pilot and an engineer. To emphasize Art, which is important when discussing STEAM, we also designed everything that the children would touch with meticulous attention to design and functionality to increase creativity. JAL STEAM SCHOOL is an educational program, marking the first time an airline company has engaged with the concept of STEAM, that brings the future to children through learning and discovery about the world of airplanes and the sky.


  • Creative Director / Producer/ PlannerToshiyuki Hashimoto(The Shift)
  • Creative Director / Copywriter/ PlannerYasutaka Sasaki (aircord)
  • Art DirectorShogo Kishino (6D)
  • Graphic DesignerMiho Sakaki (6D)
  • Product DesignerAkira Yamage (mountain house architects)
  • Technical Director & Application DevelopperTomohiro Akagawa (aircord)
  • Visualizer DeveloperKoki Ibukuro (dot by dot)
  • Hardware SupportOsamu Iwasaki (aircord), Yae Uehara (aircord), Tomofumi Yoshida (aircord)
  • 3D modeler & AnimatorShunsuke Takase (Goodfeeling Inc.), Kana Terao
  • SE CreatorYoshiaki Tokunaga (ONPa)
  • PhotographerHiroki Nakajima
  • Application SuperviserShingo Hisakawa (Toriningen Inc.)
  • AdvieserAkifumi Kumai
  • Planning SupportHaruka Furuya, Miki Nomura