We supervised the production and creative direction for Japan Airlines’ educational program, “JAL STEAM SCHOOL.” JAL STEAM SCHOOL is a next-generation educational program that hinges on the leading-edge educational concept of STEAM. We design futures for children through the learning and discoveries found in the world of airplanes and the sky.

While planning, we needed to aim for and what kind of value we needed to create, and we defined how to convey JAL’s personality. As we did so, we focused on the high level of affinity between STEAM, a topic of much attention in the field of next-generation education, and the world of airplanes and the sky. STEAM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics; it is a leading-edge educational concept that combines math and science education with creativity.

STEAM cultivates the mathematical and scientific abilities and creativity that will be needed by children, who will live in the coming era, and this concept is consonant to the forward-thinking vision that JAL's aims for. Thus, JAL STEAM SCHOOL was launched as an experiential program with STEAM as its axis that allows children to encounter the world of airplanes and the sky.

The first theme of the program is the wings of airplanes. The class is conducted structured around three elements: the lecture, in which children learn the basics of aerodynamics, the experiment, using learning materials and an application, and the flight map, which all participants collaborate to make. The airplane model materials used for the experiment can be assembled to make over 8,000 different kinds of wing, depending on how the parts are combined. When a model is placed in a hangar-shaped scanner, the application analyzes the form of the assembled wing, extrapolates its abilities, and creates a video of how the aircraft would fly.

By repeating the experiment, children can understand the relationship between wings and aircraft and discover how they work together. Finally, the class draws to a close after the participants view a projected flight map that allows all the aircraft they made to fly around across the earth.


Since then, we have continued to hold these classes regularly at various locations, and have always received a high level of satisfaction from participant surveys, and have received social recognition including a Good Design Award. However, the limited number of participants per session has been an issue. "JAL STEAM SCHOOL Portable" is a digital learning material that allows anyone to experience the contents of the classes offered in "SCHOOL" anywhere. The application complements the facilitation role played by the instructor, and allows users to experience the same level of learning as in the classroom.

We designed the UI and UX to satisfy all generations, from children to adults, while optimizing the difficulty level and time required. In addition, to simplify the transportation and installation of the enclosure, we did a lot of prototyping and verified the size, structure, and durability of the enclosure to achieve excellent portability. We have also been able to significantly reduce the burden on human resources.

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Making it portable has expanded the development of the initiative. In addition to exhibiting at various facilities and events, a space was created for an ongoing permanent exhibit. Within a few months of its release, the total number of participants in JAL STEAM SCHOOL greatly exceeded the total number of participants in JAL STEAM SCHOOL, successfully expanding the "opportunity" and "target audience". In addition, the development of the initiative and its high level of design were highly evaluated, and it received the Good Design Award for the second consecutive year following JAL STEAM SCHOOL.

JAL STEAM SCHOOL is an educational program, marking the first time an airline company has engaged with the concept of STEAM, that brings the future to children through learning and discovery about the world of airplanes and the sky.


Creative Director/ Producer/ Planner
Toshiyuki Hashimoto(The Shift)
Designer/ Design Support
Jiyu Park(The Shift)
Creative Director / Copywriter/ Planner
Yasutaka Sasaki (aircord)
Hardware Support
Osamu Iwasaki (aircord), Yae Uehara (aircord), Tomofumi Yoshida (aircord)
Technical Director & Application Developer
Tomohiro Akagawa
Visualizer Developer
Koki Ibukuro
Application Superviser
Shingo Hisakawa (Toriningen Inc.)
Art Director
Shogo Kishino (6D)
Graphic Designer
Miho Sakaki (6D)
Product Designer
Akira Yamage (mountain house architects)
3D modeler & Animator
Shunsuke Takase (Goodfeeling Inc.), Kana Terao
SE Creator
Yoshiaki Tokunaga (ONPa)
Hiroki Nakajima
Akifumi Kumai
Planning Support
Haruka Furuya, Miki Nomura


Good Design Award
Kids Design Award
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